Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Kino on forward bends, and how I can finally see myself practicing on video

Below a Youtube video of part of Kino's recent workshop in Richmond, Virginia, which I attended. It is a short clip of the first part of her Sunday afternoon session on hip-openers and hamstrings. She gives a really good explanation of how to engage the bandhas and ground through the feet to bring yourself deeper into forward bends. I was in the audience, somewhere to her right (like you care, right?).

Anyway, this video was filmed by the people at iHanuman. The video of this full two-hour session, as well as videos of the Saturday morning mysore session and the Saturday afternoon lecture on the Yoga Sutra at the workshop, will all be available for download on iHanuman's Digital Download Store sometime this summer. Can you tell that I'm really excited about it? Why? Because I just realized that I have actually never seen myself practice on video before! I know, shocking right? In this day and age, where practically everyone in the blogosphere has videos of themselves practicing.

Anyway, I think I'm going to have to purchase those videos when they come out, just so I can finally see myself practicing. But enough of my rambling. Here's Kino on forward bends. Enjoy!



  1. make that me too. i can't be bothered (yet) to record because i know i would cringe. hee hee.

    her videos are awesome. she talks a lot!

  2. btw. i just went through her videos and saw you interviewing her.....

  3. Hello yoginicory,
    I haven't gotten around to recording myself doing the practice because, like you, I'll probably cringe seeing myself get into certain postures. I also find it rather disruptive to have to get up, turn on the video camera, do the posture, and then turn off the camera. Totally messes up the vinyasa count... And also, I'm not sure I want my students to stumble upon these videos and maybe blackmail me with them :-)

    Hope you enjoyed my interview with her. Yes, she does talk a lot (she actually says that herself). She's really telegenic too; I still cringe whenever I see myself on video :-)