Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Force Choke Hold: The Whole Truth

I promise I'll stop posting all these silly posts about the Force Choke Hold after this one, and get back to regular serious yoga blogging :-) But this one is too good to resist... well, at least if you are a Stars Wars geek. We'll begin with the classic demonstration of the Force Choke Hold by Lord Vader himself:

Pretty badass, don't you think? But as I was watching this video, a puzzling question occurred to me: Why did Vader obey Grand Moff Tarkin's order to him to stop choking the poor officer? Is Grand Moff Tarkin of higher rank than Vader? (I don't think so, but I could be wrong...). Fellow Star Wars geeks out there, please enlighten me :-)

But here's the whole truth behind this whole Force Choke Hold business, according to Robot Chicken:

Well, now you know what to do if you are thinking of employment options on board the Death Star :-) 

May the Force be with you.


  1. Darth Obeys because a British accent is very charismatic and it conveys authority. Now I'm going to spend my entire day repeating "this bickering is pointless!"

  2. Ah yes, sereneflavor, of course; even Darth is not immune to the power of a British accent :-)