Wednesday, July 13, 2011

How would you describe the relationship between coffee and your practice? A Review of Poll Results, and the beginning of a new poll

First, a hearty thank you to all of you who took the time to vote in my coffee and practice poll. As of right now, with less than 24 hours to go, 56 people have voted, and the results are as follows:

"I need to have coffee to get on the mat in the morning!": 11

"I have coffee after practice.": 21

"I am not a coffee drinker.": 9

"Sometimes I drink coffee, sometimes I don't: Coffee is not essential to my daily life.": 15

Thus, it appears that a sizable number (although not a clear majority) of respondents have coffee after practice. But the other three groups are also well represented. Thus, if these responses are any indication of the coffee-drinking practices of Ashtangis in the wider world, then it seems that there is no one predominant relationship between coffee-drinking and Ashtanga practice in the Ashtanga community. It seems that we Ashtangis come in all shapes and sizes when it comes to coffee-drinking :-)

A few commenters on my previous coffee post have also pointed out that some yogis do not drink coffee, but swear by chai. Very interestingly, Laruga has also recently posted a poster about the comparative health effects of coffee versus tea. I reproduce it here:

Uh, okay... apparently, I'm having some trouble getting blogger to display the poster in the same glorious dimensions that Laruga has on her blog... never mind, just go look at the poster on her blog, and then come back here :-) I've learnt one interesting factoid about coffee from this poster:
"Scientists believe that chemicals found in coffee could be used to make new drugs to treat heart disease and insomnia."

Who would have known that something found in coffee, of all things, can actually have the potential to treat insomnia? Pretty mind-blowing, don't you think? :-)

Well, in light of this whole coffee versus tea thing, I think this might be a good time to start a new fun poll. It's in the top right-hand corner of this blog, as usual. The question is: "If you were marooned on a desert island, and tea and coffee were the only things available to drink (sea-water is not potable), what would you drink?" There are four possible responses. As usual, there is no right or wrong response. Have fun!


  1. Regarding the new "fun" poll: Why isn't "both" one of the responses? Are you trying to elicit the best impression of Meryl Streep in Sophie's Choice???

  2. Yes, Frank, "both" could be a response, theoretically. But I'm trying to get the voter to imagine he or she were in a hypothetical scenario where he or she had to drink either coffee or tea (but not both) to survive; what would he or she drink? In setting things up this way, I hope to get a better sense of what people's favored beverages are.