Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Ode to the Residue of a Summer Morning Practice

[Image taken from here]

Languid early July afternoon.
Amid little trees with little leaves
Barely ruffled by a barely-breeze
I lie,
A not-so-little La-Z-Boy
Supporting quads aching
From backbends
Which felt like they occurred in this slightly-under-the-weather body
A lifetime ago;
This morning's jump-throughs, jump-backs
And (how can one forget this) Karandavasana
Leaving their somatic autograph
In that semi-sweet achy feeling in the lats.

Nobel Ang
1:34 p.m. CDT

P.S. How the heck can anybody get anything done in this weather?

P.P.S. Have you noticed how much bigger and buffer I have become as a result of doing Karandavasana? Pretty bad-ass, eh? :-)

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