Saturday, October 29, 2011

First acupuncture session; Yoga in the Dragon's Den turns one!

Had my first-ever acupuncture session today. A couple of people have suggested acupuncture as a treatment modality for my knee (see previous post for the, ahem, bloody details). By a very interesting coincidence, the TCM place near my home was having an open house today, so I decided to just show up, and see what they have to offer. Then again, maybe it's not a coincidence: Maybe the universe knew I was going to mess up my knee this week, and specifically arranged for them to have the open house today? :-)

So I made my way to the TCM place this afternoon. There was a pretty good crowd there, mainly local holistic health afficionados. Which gave me mixed feelings, since there was a possibility of running into fellow yoga teachers or students, and possibly contributing to Ashtanga's bad rep simply by my presence ("What are you here for? What, you busted your knee doing yoga? And you practice what kind of yoga? Ashtanga?" [insert knowing I-told-you-Ashtanga-is-bad-for-you-but-you-wouldn't-listen smile]).

Fortunately, none of this happened. I did run into this one yoga teacher, but all she did was greet me, and then go on with her business (hmm... what could she be here for?...). I then noticed some signup sheets, and discovered that they were offering community acupuncture for $10 a session. I immediately signed up for acupuncture.

Within a few minutes, the acupuncturist--a mild-mannered middle-aged guy with glasses who also turned out to be one of the owners of the place--ushered me into the acupuncture room, where he had me recline on a lounge chair. He asked me if there was any particular reason that brought me there. I told him about my knee. He felt around my left inner knee, trying to locate the place where the inflammation was, but couldn't find the inflammation. This is when I learnt one more thing about my knee: Apparently, it only inflames after I have been walking or standing for a while or doing weird things to it (for example, Bhekasana). Why don't knees inflame when you want them to? :-)

In any case, he proceeded to go about leisurely sticking needles in a few places on my arms and legs. He stuck two needles in my left inner knee, and three needles on my right elbow (he later explained that the meridian points on the left inner knee is related to those on the right elbow. Interesting...) After sticking the needles in me, he left me to myself, and went out to attend to other clients.

For the first few minutes, I did not feel very much. And then, after 10 to 15 minutes, I started feeling this heavy yet warm sensation in my left hand. I also noticed that the three needles on my right elbow were quivering non-stop. Interesting. All in all, I probably was in the room for about 20 to 30 minutes before he came back in to remove the needles.

I felt this feeling of powerful calm both during and for about an hour after the session. Immediately after the session, I thought I felt a nice warm sensation in my left knee. All in all, my first acupuncture session was a very positive experience. It remains to be seen what this will do to the knee. But I really like the powerful feeling of calmness I felt. I am also quite impressed by the laid-back energy of the place. I have to say that this is quite different from the rather more upbeat energy that one encounters in most yoga studios.


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In other news: This blog turns one today! It was on October 29th, 2010 that I wrote my first post on this blog. Time flies when one is having fun, doesn't it? Well, Happy Birthday to you, Yoga in the Dragon's Den!

I named this blog after one of my favorite 80s' kung-fu movies, Ninja in the Dragon's Den. When I was a kid, I wanted to be a ninja when I grew up. And then I discovered Ashtanga, and realized that being an Ashtangi might be the closest thing I can ever get to becoming a ninja; which makes me feel less bad about messing up my knee :-) In any case, here's the final fight scene from Ninja in the Dragon's Den. It's pretty badass. Enjoy!


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  2. Happy 1st Birthday, Nobel..keep writing and take care of the knee!


  3. Happy Anniversary, time does fly when we all enjoy.

  4. Thanks Karin and sereneflavor. I really appreciating your reading this blog all this time.

  5. dear Nobel
    happy birthday to the blog. i guess i haven't celebrated my blog's birthdays, but i tend to not celebrate my body's BD too much either. funny thing about the acupunture. i became interested over 20 years ago in yoga because a childhood friend did it. but it was my acupunturist in Miami Beach that proded me (ha! good choice of word) into going to yoga classes. that got me started in earnest. she was of Greek descent and a Chinese medicine practitioner, a very wise woman.

  6. Congratulations on the 1 year! good to hear you are going to the TCM practice near you. Hope it works!

  7. happy birthday to the blog, Nobel! keep up the good work! ;-)
    in regards to the Ninja wish, it is never too late. we have one close by - see links below ;-)

  8. or two for that matter ;-) last link is the best ;-)

  9. Happy blog birthday! I enjoy reading your posts immensely!

  10. Thanks everybody for the birthday wishes :-)

    Ivana, I enjoy reading the articles and watching the Youtube video. It must be quite an experience for the people in TunBridge Wells to encounter a ninja in the course of their daily activities :-) But the more I think about it, the more I think that it is not feasible to be an Ashtangi and a ninja at the same time, because that would mean burning the candle at both ends (see my latest post) :-)

  11. Good thing you listened to those people who advised an acupuncture treatment. I bet your knees are healed by this time. Acupuncture is a great way to regain the blood circulation in your knee after that injury. Well it's been years now, and I hope you're doing good. I suggest you still continue some therapy sessions to prevent other injuries. :)

    Laverne Bodnar @

  12. I hope your knees are okay now. That warm sensation you felt in your knees must've been a sign of your pressure points being stimulated. Maybe this is what it needs to heal. Did you come back for more acupuncture sessions? I’m glad your first session was a positive experience for you. Jessi Casas @ Fox Valley Acupuncture