Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Leg-behind-head postures, German Chocolate Cake, Earl Grey, and Keira Knightley

As you may know, my daily practice now consists of primary up to Supta Padangusthasana and second up to Yoganidrasana. I have recently expounded on the possible appetite-boosting effects of leg-behind-head postures. As it turns out, these postures may also result in a craving for sweet things and caffeine. It could also be, of course, that I am in an environment (a coffeeshop) where such things are quite readily available. But I'm also pretty sure that I did not desire such things as much as I have started to recently.

In any case, this is what happened. A little over an hour ago, I went up to the counter and ordered a large slice of German Chocolate cake (which I, thankfully, ended up not being able to finish) and a big cup of Earl Grey: I have this funny idea that all these quaint-looking English people in period movies (think about Keira Knightley in Pride and Prejudice) never get fat even though they have tea and scones and cakes all the time because they drink endless cups of Earl Grey, thus washing the fat-making components of all these sinful desserts down their throats and out their digestive tracts. So I decided that some Earl Grey might mitigate the damage that the German Chocolate cake might do to my, ahem, figure. 

Hail Keira, wherefore art thou so willowy?
Might endless cups of Earl Grey be the secret behind thy ever-so-slim frame?
 [Image taken from here]

Yikes! I just realized that I may be perpetuating a stereotype of English people. My apologies to all of you readers from the fair British Isles (I know there are many of you, thanks to Feedjit :-)). During practice tomorrow morning, I will perform a couple more Surya Namaskars (both A and B) and maybe put my head a few seconds longer behind my head by way of apology.

But perhaps the LBH postures by themselves also accomplish the same effects as Earl Grey. Perhaps the LBH postures stimulate appetite, but also make the digestive organs work more effectively at the same time, thus counteracting the fat-making effects of such dietary evils as German Chocolate cake. At any rate, I can hope... Otherwise, there's always Earl Grey :-)   

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