Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Almonds, Testosterone, Impotence, and Karandavasana

I'm now sitting in front of my computer, snacking on a bunch of white chocolate slabs with almonds embedded in them. I seem to be snacking more on things these days, and possibly even developing the beginnings of a sweet tooth (I've never really been a sucker for sweet stuff...). Is putting my leg behind my head really making me more hungry? I sure hope so...

I also did a little idle internet surfing a couple of minutes ago. I googled "health benefits of almonds for men", and found this article that claims that eating almonds raises testosterone levels for men over 30. I am not sure how reliable this information is, and in any case, I am not particularly concerned about my testosterone levels. But apparently, there must be lots of men out there in their 30s (or beyond) who are really concerned about their testosterone levels; so much so, that entire websites (and with them, probably an entire industry) have sprung up to address the concerns of these men. Well, nothing to be embarrassed about; after all, the ability to perform in certain particular areas of life is a big part of many mens' lives, and is not something to be taken lightly.

But all this makes me curious about something else: If eating almonds can really raise testosterone levels and help a man to get it up, so to speak, could it also help this man to get it up in Karandavasana? In other words, could almonds be the Viagra that cures Karandavasana impotence?

Could these be the cure for Karandavasana impotence?
[Photo Credit: Chris Stein/Stockbyte/Getty Images]

As you already know, the answer is probably no. When all is said and done, the only way to get it up in Karandavasana is to keep working on getting it up. But I just can't help musing and pondering anyway. In any case, it is in this sense that Karandavasana impotence is a much more forgiving form of impotence than regular impotence; as you know, no amount of working on getting it up will help with regard to regular impotence. Almonds might, though...    


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  2. Love this post.
    It's full of humor.

  3. Sunflower seeds is another good option.

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