Saturday, December 22, 2012

Another congested full primary

I did full primary to Sharath's led primary CD again this morning. Like the last time I did Sharath's led (see this post), this morning's practice was another congested one. Except that I was being very stubborn this morning; I wanted to keep to the vinyasa count and the pace so badly that I didn't even bother to pause to blow my nose. It would've been pretty gross if you were watching me practice this morning; from around Garbha Pindasana all the way to Utplutih, snot was coming out my nose, and I just let it flow. Surprisingly, I didn't drown in my own snot; somehow, I was able to find the space in my respiratory system to continue breathing and moving. It certainly wasn't comfortable, but I like to think that it forced me to find a deeper space to breath out of. And the really interesting thing is that, immediately after practice, I blew my nose, and was totally congestion-free after that!

Anyway, this also makes me wonder: What do people in Mysore do if they are congested during led primary? I mean, do people just get up in the middle of led to go to the bathroom? Or do they just continue, snot and all? Anybody know?

In preparation for my move to Idaho, I think I'm going to stick to just doing primary for the next few weeks. My teacher (PJ Heffernan) told me that Sharath told him that it is a good idea to do primary only when you are moving to a new place, and to stick to primary only for two weeks after you move to the new place, in order to get used to the energy of the new place. Sounds like good advice; I'll take it. Which means there will be no adventures in Karandavasana impotence for the next few weeks.  

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