Friday, December 21, 2012

New Management?

It's just after noon here in northwest Minnesota. It's snowing lightly outside, and the world appears not to have ended--yet. There's still just under 12 hours of 12.21.12 to go, so better to wait this day out before raising the all-clear here :-)

But of course, it's also possible that the world has already ended. Perhaps it ended while we were sleeping, without our knowledge. Perhaps, in the very early hours of 12.21.12, a bunch of aliens blasted the world as we knew it to pieces, and then hooked us up onto machines ala The Matrix. So maybe the world as we know it has already ended, but we are none the wiser, because for us, the world as we know it continues to exist. For us, it's just... new management.

In any case, new management or old, I wish you a happy winter solistice. New management or old, we (or at least I) will continue to do our practices. Actually, things may be better under the new management, come to think of it: If we are but brains hooked up to machines, then whatever asanas we are doing are not real. Which also means that whatever pains or discomforts we may experience in our practices are also not real: Everything is quite literally in our heads. Not such a bad deal, the way I see it.

Whatever you do, just don't take the red pill...

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