Monday, January 7, 2013

Practice on mushrooms and wine

Practice this morning was great, but I felt a little heavy, and binding in Mari D took a bit more effort, because I ate and drank too much last night. One of my colleagues at my new workplace hosted a dinner party to welcome me to the department. Gosh, he's a really great cook. He cooked up a huge Indian feast consisting of: A vegetable and potato korma, mushrooms boiled in some delicious sauce whose ingredients elude me, a bean dish whose name I do not know, raita, and basmati rice. There were six of us at dinner, but I'm pretty sure he made enough food to feed twenty! Wanting to be the gracious guest (which really wasn't too difficult, considering just how delectable the food was), I went back not only for seconds, but even for thirds! The conversation ranged from movies to Haruki Murakami; lubricated by a few too many glasses of wine, it flowed very smoothly and was very lively. At one point, one of the attendees and I even had a lively debate about the merits of 1Q84.

Needless to say, an Ashtangi cannot indulge in so much decadence without having to pay the price for it on the mat the following morning. But even though practice this morning was a little heavy-going, I still managed to get through full primary (complete with dropbacks and standups) in an hour and twenty minutes. I guess this means there is some horsepower in this little Asian engine :-)

I'm going to have to sign off now, as I have to go take care of some stuff at my new workplace. If last night's dinner is any indication, I think I will flourish here in Pocatello. Oh, and a mental note to myself: Must get the recipe for that delicious mushroom dish from my colleague.


  1. Don't forget, and please pass it on. I'm so glad the omens are good.

    1. Thanks sf. Will definitely share the recipe when I get it.