Saturday, January 26, 2013

Sometimes I feel like I live in a cocoon

Following my previous post about reading Hemingway in Hooters, I got very curious, and decided to go online to find out if there are any Hooters restaurants outside of North America. To my astonishment, I discovered that there are actually a whole bunch of Hooters outside the U.S., and furthermore, that the first Hooters restaurant outside the United States was actually opened in Singapore (where I was born and grew up) in 1996! Did you know that? But why would you? But still, things like this make me realize that I live in a sort of cocoon/bubble. But then again, I've never really been a big fan of wings, so why would I know this? Well, I guess it's just a bit disconcerting to suddenly discover that something that I thought was unique to North America had actually existed back where I came from the whole time...

Ha! Now I'm starting to wonder if there's a Hooters in Mysore too... or is this too sacrilegious a thought to even entertain? If so, please accept my apologies. Actually, this is probably impossible, given the rather strict dress codes of Indian women. What was I thinking? In any case, even if, per impossibile, there were really a Hooters in Mysore, what would they serve there? Vegan wings?

At any rate, it must be the late hour that has prompted this post that has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with yoga. Yoga in the Dragon's Den will soon return to its yoga content/programming. Please try to ignore this disruption, and continue to stay tuned.       


  1. It's funny that you're talking about Hooters and Ashtanga. Would it make you feel better if I told you you're not the only one? True confessions: I sometimes use the mental image of a "Hooters Girl" when I teach purvottanasana. And navasana. Not in a denigrating way, but as asana aid.

    Both postures require you to lift your chest/thoracic spine up high and put your shoulder blades well into your back body, and, at the same time, narrow your waist/abs with uddhiynana bandha. So, I tell students to "think of a Hooters Girl, with her chest lifted high and her belly drawn in" - and it actually works for most folks: they engage where they need to and find the posture. Plus, it "lighten ups" the sometimes grudging mood surrounding these postures, too. :)

    1. Ha! Interesting. Never thought about these two postures in connection with Hooters. I can certainly see how these images could work. Now I'm wondering if there might not be some way to bring wings and breasts (I mean chicken breasts) into the picture as well: "Spread open your armpits like wings, and open your chest like a chicken breast?..." Nah, this is too tacky. Never mind...

  2. hahaha, I might have to use that one!