Tuesday, February 12, 2013

This week's news

So much seems to be happening around (and in) me. But I have so little to say about it. I'm not sure if this is because I have attained samadhi, and have thus become transparent to myself and the world (highly unlikely, but possible, nevertheless), or if I am slowly becoming a spaced-out vegetable (slightly more likely, I'm afraid to say). Whatever the case may be, I have little to say about what is going on. So I guess I'll just report the news as experienced by me thus far this week.

This week's news thus far:

(1) Pope Benedict XVI resigns, becoming only the second pontiff in the entire history of the Catholic Church to do so.

(2) North Korea conducts nuclear test, bringing about an escalation of international tension that may or may not lead to an escalation of actual hostility. Much remains to be seen.

(3) During practice this morning, Nobel grabs his heels/ankles in Kapotasana. This is the second time in very recent history (i.e. this week) that he has done so. The ensuing micro-mini nuclear explosion at the base of his spine may or may not lead to an escalation in creative energy, which, in turn, may or may not lead to the escalation of said energy to his crown chakra. Much remains to be seen.

This is all. Stay tuned for the next newscast.


  1. Great news about your kapotasana!Congrats!!1 About the Pope, three other Popes have resign ( one in the first century, other in 1294 and the last one in 1415!)

    1. Ah... I did not know all this history of the church. Thanks for filling me in :-)