Saturday, September 8, 2012

Some assorted Saturday morning thoughts on Ashtanga-bashing, Fish and Chips, and watching Kino videos

I did full primary this morning; it was very relaxing and refreshing. I know, I know, I practice on Saturdays (Sunday is my rest day). I guess that makes me a "yoga criminal" :-) And just so you know, I mean this in a sort of playful, light-hearted way, unlike some other people... for an example of who "some other people" may refer to, see this recent post by Bindi in which she responds to a recent Ashtanga-bashing article on Huffington post.

As usual, Bindi musters a spirited and articulate defense of this Ashtanga that we hold so dear to our hearts, God/Krishna/Whoever bless her soul. As for me... gosh, I simply don't have the energy to respond to Ashtanga-bashing these days. It's so... futile, both for the bashers and the ones who are responding to the bashing. Btw, from the past couple of years of blogging, I've also noticed that Ashtanga-bashing tends to peak during the summer months (from June to September). Perhaps Ashtanga-bashing is a seasonal sport? Hmm... who knew? 


But how about we change the subject a little? I've been looking at the traffic sources to this blog, and noticed that a significant amount of traffic has been coming from people who google-imaged "Fish and Chips", and ended up at my recent post on Fish & Chips or Ashtanga. Interesting, don't you think? It appears that I am attracting a bunch of foodies to my blog! Well, perhaps I will succeed in converting (or at least exposing) some of these people to Ashtanga ;-) Moral of the story? I don't know... be careful what pictures you post on your blog? :-)


What else is an Ashtanga Fundamentalist to do on a Saturday, the almost-universally-declared Ashtanga Rest Day? Watch other people do Ashtanga, of course! Below is a video of Kino doing a few fourth series backbends. She starts with Ekapada Dhanurasana, does a couple of other backbends whose names I do not know (because I don't do fourth series), and then does this asana where she begins in headstand, drops into Viparita Dandasana, and then walks her legs three (or is it four) times around her body in a clockwise direction, and then repeats the whole process in an anti-clockwise direction. Damn! Makes my head spin just watching it. Also makes me a little bit glad that I'm not doing fourth series... But I highly recommend you watch it anyway; Kino puts in a valiant effort here, and is inspiring to watch, as always.

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