Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Aliens and (extra-long) yoga pants

Perhaps it's the summer and the lackadaisical mood it produces in many of this planet's inhabitants. I've found myself gathering quite a bit of information over the last week or so. But thus far, very little of this information-gathering activity has translated into much of a desire to blog. I've also been remiss in responding to comments on this blog, and feel quite bad about that, considering the fact that most of the people who comment here clearly put a lot of thought and effort into their comments.

But maybe the following piece of news might just get me out of my blogging malaise. One of the things I learned during the past few days of info gathering is that we now have strong anecdotal evidence that aliens (yes, as in beings from another planet) exist. In fact, according to the speech below given by former Canadian Defense Minister Paul Hellyer (along with a number of other former USAF servicemen) at the recent Citizen Hearing on Disclosure in Washington D.C. chaired by six former members of the U.S. Congress, at least two extra-terrestrials are presently on-planet and working with the U.S. government:

Of course, just because a former high-level government official says something doesn't necessarily make it true. But think about this: What motivation would a former top leader of a G8 nation have to say something as crazy as this, putting his credibility on the line? Unless, maybe, it happens to be the truth? And again, why else would all these former Congress members similarly put their credibility on the line by appearing at the hearing?

In any case, I am not altogether surprised at the presence of intelligent life beyond our solar system. Although I am no astronomer or cosmologist, I have always thought it to be simply impossible that there is no life anywhere else in this vast universe. Actually, a couple of years ago, I speculated in a half-tongue-in-cheek fashion that at least some of these aliens might also be practicing yoga

Anyway, now that we know that aliens are out there--and on-planet as well--I'm guessing that it won't be long before the yoga industry starts marketing yoga merchandise to them. After all, even if they hail from a super-advanced civilization, they are still flesh-and-blood embodied beings, and could therefore benefit from doing yoga. If nothing else, this might give Lululemon a reason to step up its yoga pants production. I hear that the species of aliens know as the Tall Whites (of whom two are supposedly presently on-planet) are, well, quite a bit taller than humans. Here's a video of nuclear physicist and ex-airforce serviceman Charles Hall giving an interview on Australian TV about his experiences working with the Tall Whites during his time in the air force: 

Isn't it funny how Hall had to go all the way to Australia just to appear on TV and tell his story? 

But anyway, coming back to yoga, wouldn't this present Lululemon with a brand-new market for extra-long yoga pants? Now of course, if aliens are really among us, I suppose we would all have much more important things to think about than yoga pants. But then again, this is only a yoga blog, and I don't feel qualified to overstep the limits of my already-limited expertise by expounding on anything else.  


  1. haha this post is pleasantly amusing! what? aliens? really? somehow i can't believe it and somehow it seems logical. but what would aliens do who have more/less limbs than humans? how do they practice yoga? :D

    1. Maybe you can't believe it because for the longest time, all the powers that be have denied their existence. And maybe you find it logical for the same reason that I do: What are the odds that there isn't even one other planet out there that supports life, given the sheer size of the universe?

      As for aliens with more or less than two limbs... well, we'll just have to modify postures for them. For instance, Chaturanga will be Shad-uranga for six-limbed aliens. But I wonder whether a six-limbed alien can jump through and jump back? Hmm...

      And Lululemon will now get to produce and market six-legged yoga pants ;-)

  2. I love the humor! haha! Probably Lululemon is already finding more about these beings so that they can come up with designs appropriate for them and start production soon. :D

    1. Yes, and their latest search for a new CEO is really only a diversion to distract us from what they are really doing... oh, wait a minute, are they interviewing somebody off-planet for this position? Is that why we have yet to hear about any plausible candidates?