Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A little test post

First, my apologies for the way my previous post turned out. I usually break my posts into (hopefully) readable paragraphs, but there was some kind of annoying formatting problem that caused my last post to come up as one big chunk of text. It probably had something to do with the fact that I had cut and pasted the Laozi quote from somewhere else. Which somehow threw the formatting out of whack.

I was (and am still) very bummed out, because I spent an entire hour writing that post (arrghh...).

So, this is a test post of sorts, to make sure that whatever is responsible for the formatting of my blog posts is still functioning properly.

Uh... what else should I say? Well, the day after tomorrow is Thanksgiving. Whether you plan on spending it with family, with friends, or with yourself, and whether you plan on having a "real" turkey (as in the animal), a tofurky, or no turkey at all, I hope you will have a most joyful and restful holiday. May your day (and your practice, if you are practicing) be merry and bright (do I sound like Irving Berlin already?).



  1. That sounds great, thanks for the good wishes Nobel!!! :-)

  2. Happy Tofurkey day, Nobel. I will be working both Thu and Fri, and quite hard with deadline. I'm an American working for a British firm in China...

    As for the the formatting, you could try doing (control) (A) and choose left justification for the text. I don't know if the new version of Blogger tries to bee too smart. I know I don't trust it to manage images- I switch to html to move mine around because otherwise they go all over the place.


  3. Thanks Claudia and Arturo!

    Arturo, Gan3 En1 Jie2 Kuai4 Le4! (That's "Happy Thanksgiving" in Mandarin)

    So you are An American in Shanghai :-) Wouldn't that make for a cool movie (hmm... who should we get to play you? :-))

    Pardon me, I'm in a facetious mood... Must be because there are no classes today.

  4. Hey Nobel - I am having some problems with the blog site as well. It took me 4 hours to post today. I wanted to poke my eyes out!

    I thought it was Sansho Shima due to the nature of my post. Apparently the site is having problems - ugh!

    Regardless, have a happy day tomorrow whatever you decided to do!

    Many warm wishes! Cathrine