Monday, November 8, 2010

Sugar in coffee

What's the next best thing in the world to a great yoga practice? Great coffee! What's next best thing in the world to drinking great coffee? Reading a great poem about it, I guess. So, at the risk of being very immodest, I present below a poem that I wrote some time ago about coffee. Enjoy! 

The joy in life
Like sugar in coffee
Rapidly dissolves 
In the stirring currents of life's vicissitudes;
Yet nevertheless
Leaves a residual sweetness
On the lips of reverie


  1. Hi Nobel, that is very beautiful. I never fancied you a poet. I am enjoying reading your blog. It is a great way to stay in touch! Cheers, Cathrine

  2. Thanks Cathrine. Yes, I used to write poetry in my undergraduate days. Actually, even this poem is a revised version of sdomething I wrote back then. I don't know why I can't seem to write any these days... Maybe the muse has left me? Maybe it's just life?

  3. hmmm, yes you have your priorities right, and by right I mean like mine hee hee... I so enjoy a good cup of coffee too and good
    poetry ;-)

  4. Awesome.
    I wonder how often "vicissitudes" is used in poetry? Good job!

  5. I am wondering what the philosophical specialty is of a poetry-writing, Ashtanga-practicing professor? (Please ignore if this is personal information you'd rather not divulge!)

  6. Very good question, kt. I'm trying to answer this question myself. I teach classes in ethics, and have written a couple of (as-yet-unpublished) papers in this area, but, as you can see, my interests go over all the place. TMI?