Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Telling shit like it is (or not), practice report, and school

Today is so... routine that I barely have anything to write about. Well, actually, I do have something that I would like to write about, but it involves something highly personal, and would also involve talking some serious shit about somebody. Not that I think talking shit is necessarily a bad thing (although, remembering ahimsa, it is probably better to talk less shit than more). Sometimes, shit happens, whether we like it or not. Which means there is shit in the world. And since I started this blog with the intention of telling it like it is, this means that if there is shit in the world, I have to talk about shit like it is. Which means that sometimes, despite my best efforts, I do have to talk shit. But there is a difference between constructive shit-talking, which serves some constructive purpose, and destructive shit-talking, which serves no purpose and might make things worse off. And the problem with this particular piece of shit is that I have yet to find a way to talk about it in a way that is value-creative and constructive. So I'll have to let it percolate in my consciousness for now, until it can be spewed out in some constructive fashion.

Practice today was good. Did what I had been doing consistently for the past three months or so (full primary and second up to supta vajrasana). I felt that I was moving through the whole thing in a leisurely fashion, but when I looked at my cell-phone after I finished, I realized that I finished in 2 hours flat, which is a respectable pace, considering the longer holds I do in the standing postures and some primary series postures and kapotasana.

My first class today went well. Students seemed energetic on the whole (although there were a couple of students who kept sneaking glances at the clock, which seriously annoys me. I feel like telling them, "Hey, I may not be your most engaging/entertaining professor, but looking at the clock won't make time go faster. Why don't you try wrapping both your legs behind your head instead? That might at least affect your subjective perception of time.") But students are always energetic at the beginning of the semester. The energy level only starts to sag when the mid-semester crunch sets in.

Got to go prepare for my next class now. 


  1. Dear Noble
    I was wondering if you could do a wordle of this post? It would be so funny to see the word shit so prominently sized in the word cloud generated by the program. Then you can post the word cloud. It's located at wordle.net.

  2. Thanks for the suggestion, Arturo. I'll give this a try.