Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Totally Useless Information: Sex Injuries (and their resemblance to another category of injuries)

Here's a piece of totally-useless-but-nonetheless-interesting information that I came across just a few minutes ago while trolling the web for, well, useless information. Let me begin by giving you a little quiz. Which popular activity produces, in order of frequency of occurrence, the following injuries?

1. Pulled muscle
2. Injured back
3. Carpet burns
4. Cricked neck
5. Bashed elbows/knees

If your answer is "yoga", well... you're wrong. The correct answer is: Sex. (see this article for the full details.) Isn't it interesting, though, how closely sex injuries resemble yoga injuries (with the exception of carpet burns, of course; but now I wonder, might it also be possible to get "yoga mat/mysore rug burns" from doing too much yoga? :-))? I wonder what this says about the nature of yoga practice? Or the nature of sex?