Saturday, January 14, 2012

Did I really take out the trash?

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I seem to remember
taking out the trash in the snow earlier today,
Seem to remember
the snow-white trashy sensation
of little dumpstery flakes of snow flying in my face
as I lift and then slam shut
the snow-covered lid of the dumpster.

But really,
did I really take out the trash?
Well... I think so;
the trash can in the kitchen is empty,
filled only with the whitely sceptic scent
of a fresh snowy-white trash bag.
And I really seem to remember that white trashy sensation
of little dumpstery snowflakes falling on my face.

But did I really take out the trash?
Or is the white trashy dumpstery snowflaky sensation merely the residue
of a perception that never was,
a little flake of falsehood pointing seductively
to a universe that exists
only in the snowy recesses of imagination?

Nobel Ang
1:40 p.m. CST
January 14th 2012


  1. Just found my way to your blog via Susananda. Your poems feels lovely while I'm sitting in my house in the African highlands. I haven't seen or felt snowflakes falling on my face in a while

    1. I'm really happy you enjoy my poem :-)