Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A new blog discovered

Hello Blogosphere,
                              I'll like to bring your attention to a new blog that I just discovered: 2012 Writing Project. The blog-owner is KateMorninglory. This is her motivation for starting the blog:

"Ten years ago I read a book. 

The author's writing professor told him to train himself to write every single day.  When he could do that, he could be an author. 

I've done it twice.  The last time was more than seven years ago.  I've tried it several times since but the focus just wasn't there.  It is now.

So, this is day one of 365 days of writing.  I am a writer.  I will be an author."

Kate is presently deployed in Afghanistan on a six-month deployment. Her blog entries so far are about everyday life where she is in Afghanistan. Reading them, I am struck by how so many things that we take for granted here are just so... different in that part of the world. Please read her blog.

I still don't know how Kate found my blog, but I'm really excited that through this modest blog, I am reaching out and forming connections with people whom I almost certainly would never have otherwise connected with. More power to blogging! 

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