Sunday, September 22, 2013

Got handstanded this morning

I suppose the more correct expression would be to say that I got stood on my hands during this morning's practice with Lino. But even this sounds wrong. But anyway, here's what happened. Towards the end of this morning's self practice with Lino, I did three Urdhva Dhanurasanas and three dropbacks and standups. Then I crossed my hands in front of my chest and waited for Lino to come over and drop me back. Lino came over, and asked me if I ever did handstand before. I said no; which is not, strictly speaking, true. I do play with handstands outside of practice now and then, but I knew that Lino was referring to going up into handstand and then dropping back into UD, so I simply said no, this is not part of my regular practice. Anyway, Lino asked me to give it a shot. I kicked up into handstand, Lino caught my feet and guided them part of the way down to the other side, so that my landing into UD from handstand wasn't so hard. And then he stood me up from UD. We repeated this handstand-UD-standup action three times. Then he dropped me back and stood me back up five times, before I went into the finishing sequence.

Now I'm wondering if I should incorporate this half-tick-tock sequence (I'm guessing this is what it's called) into my regular home practice, now that I have a senior teacher's blessing to do it. But then again, I won't have anybody at home to help me to cushion the landing into UD from handstand, so I am a bit hesitant. I suppose I'll come to a decision about this soon. But in the meantime, if you have any feedback and/or suggestions about this, I'll love to hear them.


  1. Kino and Tim helped me with tictocs back when I went to Miami and I had no idea how I would ever pull it off at home. Kino said to try, kicking over, first in headstand, and then in pincha mayurasana. I tried this at home, but even with the help of a chair or coffee table, I was way too terrified to kick my legs over. Every once in awhile, I would practice in public to get help or let the Boatman help me. Then one Sunday last March, I just got this feeling that I could do it. And that was that. It's like falling out of a handstand. Have put that pose on the backburner due to recent injuries, but it was fun while it lasted. Hope it's fun for you too!

    1. Hey Erica,
      thanks for sharing your experiences with this pose. Well, I went balls-out and tried it this morning (see my latest post for more details).

  2. I think you should include everything you can into your routine!