Saturday, March 19, 2011

In Memoriam: Larry Schultz 1950-2011

I learnt recently from one of my teachers that Larry Schultz, the founder of Rocket Yoga, passed away on February 27th 2011.

I don't practice Rocket Yoga, but from what I understand, it's supposed to be a kind of "accelerated Ashtanga". The Rocket Series (there are three: Rocket I, Rocket II, and Rocket III) begins with Surya A and B and closes with the traditional Ashtanga finishing sequence, but incorporates postures from the second and third series into its sequence.

As I said, I don't practice Rocket Yoga and I've never taken a class with Schultz, so I can't tell you more about Schultz and his work beyond what I said above, but he sounds like a really dynamic and wonderful teacher, from what I've heard about him from people who've studied with him. So the yoga community is one wonderful teacher less. Please remember him in your thoughts, prayers and intentions.


  1. My rocket yoga teacher seemed to be very fond of Larry, and she's an awesome yoga teacher, so I'm assuming some of his teaching style might have rubbed off on her. I've never done the second or third series so I don't know what they're like compared to the Rocket, but the Rocket itself is a very fun, high-energy and inspiring class (possibly requiring an inspiring teacher to lead it).

  2. Nobel, do you know how he died? I couldn't find mention of it anywhere..

  3. Yyogini, thanks for sharing. Judging from what you have shared, and the experiences of others I have heard, Larry must be a really inspiring teacher.

    Susan, I don't know how he died, beyond reports that he died of natural causes.