Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Of Gods and Dogs

I was just reading Bindy's latest post, and was suddenly inspired to write the following silly poem. I get into these silly moods from time to time :-)  

Disclaimer: If you are a religious person, and are offended by comparisons between the Almighty and members of a certain animal species, well, don't read this poem (Quick! Close your eyes right now...). I reserve my right to literary expression, however limited my literary powers may be.

[Image taken from here]

'Dogs just "are"',
writes one blogger.
If dogs just "are",
Is God just "is"?
After all, what is "God", but "Dog" in reverse?
Ought we to let sleeping dogs lie?
Well, then,
What about sleeping Gods?

Nobel Ang,
3:20 p.m. CDT
July 13th, 2011


  1. I just read the next few paragraphs. It is my opinion you add a considerable amount of energy to build this particular article. I really thank you for get the job done

  2. God bless you, my friend :-)